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      Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union Sections
      Russia Under the Old Regime [52 Questions]
      The Revolutionary Period 1914-1921 [44 Questions]
      New Economic Policy (NEP) [27 Questions]
      Prewar Stalinism [44 Questions]
      The Second World War [30 Questions]
      Postwar Stalinism [18 Questions]
      The Khrushchev Years [26 Questions]
      The Brezhnev Era [31 Questions]
      Reform and Collapse [41 Questions]

    Study Tip: While you're going through these questions, try to form a timeline in your head so that you not only know what happened, but when. You don't usually need to know specific months, but you should know the years important events took place in; i.e. what year did Stalin take power, what year did World War II start and end, etc.. As you learn about events, you should also try to place them chronologically in your head, so that you know when the event happened relative to other events. The more connections you can form this way, the better your grasp of the "big picture" will be, and the better you'll do on the test.

    Also, if you're not very familiar with Europe, you may want to spend a little time taking a look at a map and getting a basic understanding of what countries exist where, especially for the countries that played a big part in Soviet history; i.e. the Baltic States, Finland, Poland, Hungary, France, Germany, Japan, etc..

    Good luck!

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