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      Human Resource Management Sections
      An Overview of the Human Resource Management Field [11 Questions]
      Human Resource Planning [17 Questions]
      Staffing [40 Questions]
      Training and Development [33 Questions]
      Performance Appraisals [31 Questions]
      Compensation Issues [43 Questions]
      Safety and Health [13 Questions]
      Employee Rights and Discipline [19 Questions]
      Employment Law [47 Questions]
      Labor Relations [19 Questions]
      International Human Resource Management [12 Questions]
      Current Issues and Trends [15 Questions]

    Please NOTE: Students have told us that they've used these Human Resource Management DSST questions to successfully prepare for the Human Resource Management ECE Exam (Excelsior College Exam). If your college accepts ECE's, you may want to consider taking this subject as an ECE since it may be worth upper level credit.

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