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Our Members' Area is layed out so that you can quickly and efficiently access the study resources you need to meet your high school and college goals.

Here's what you can find in each area of the website:
  • College Home - This is the homepage for students working on earning college credit through CLEP and DSST exams. Here we post updates and news relevant to our college materials.

  • GED Home - This is the page you are on now. Any important updates or notices concerning our GED materials will be posted here. While you're working on the GED, this is a good page to check every day, so you may want to have this page bookmarked so that you can start your studies here.

  • GED Prep - On this page, you will access the various sections of our GED preparation materials.

  • College Course List - This is where you can access our enormous database of college equivalency test prep courses. We have over 40 subjects, over 4 years worth of college credit at 2,900 colleges and universities, and it's all available to you at no additional cost, so take advantage of it!

  • Contact Us - If you have any questions, or if you'd like to cancel your membership right now, then this is the page for you.